Ascend the End — Introduction

Ascend the End
1 min readFeb 5, 2024

The Wasiona Studio team is thrilled to introduce Ascend the End, our dystopian ‘game as a service’ venture that seamlessly merges the adrenaline-pumping world of multiplayer extraction shooters with the speculative, investment-driven allure of Web3.

Get ready to see our vision come to life soon:

  • Launching our Founders NFTs with ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Guardians’, giving you a real part of Ascend the End’s world.
  • The establishment of stable, innovative tokenomics, underpinned by a revenue-stream utility, ensuring a fair valuation and transparent ecosystem for all participants.
  • Revealing our game in stages, each season packed with new adventures and chances for fun and airdrops!
  • Building strong partnerships to support Wasiona Studio’s journey, ensuring we grow and succeed together. 🚀

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Embark on this journey with us, as we not only revolutionize gaming but also forge a legacy that transcends the digital realm. 🚀



Ascend the End

Ascend the End: A Web3 eSport shooter blending high-stakes play, community rewards, and immersive narratives.